Excell Painting is dedicated to professional service and quality results. We believe in achieving high standards in customer satisfaction and appreciate our customers who choose to work with us again.


See below some of the projects that we are executing at this moment.


(chance for Quality Painting)

Painting a home or business is basically meant for providing both the decoration and the protection to surfaces of your walls. A fresh paint job will make your home look pleasant and inviting. It gives a sense of completion; freshness and newness.

  • We take care of the total preparation of your house before painting;
  • We carry out our painting service in a clean way. You will never see a year like ours.
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  • With the work done, we leave your house totally clean, tidy and organized.

Drywall Repair and Texture
We do drywall repairs with quality and cleanliness. We cut, sanding and left your perfect wall.
Textures executed to perfection according to the wishes of our clients.

Water Damage
A leaky ceiling can lead to unsightly water stains on your walls. Water stains can be difficult to remove if you don’t attempt to do so properly. We at Excell Painting do this work for you. We remove all the stains and give a new painting on all its affected walls.

Cabinet painting
Painting your kitchen cabinets is the single most transformative thing you can do to your kitchen without a gut renovation.
We removed the doors from their cabinets, cleaned, painted and re-installed. We have restored our kitchen cabinets as new.