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Painting a home or business is meant for providing both the decoration and the protection to
surfaces of your walls. A fresh paint job will make your home look pleasant and inviting. It gives a
sense of completion; freshness and newness.

Water Damage Repair

A leaky ceiling can lead to unsightly water stains on your walls. Water stains will not be removed if you do not do so properly. We at Excell Painting can alleviate this problems professionally and correctly for you.

Drywall Repair and Texture

We have the technical skills to repair any damaged walls and match all textures to its perfection. We are also able to match all paint colors, shines and brands. Once our job is done, you will not be able to find the damage.

Cabinet painting

Updating your kitchen cabinets? We offer you the option to Paint them Rather than replacing them. The following steps are for painting wood or laminate cabinets.
⦁ First, we determine the condition of your cabinets.
⦁ Empty the cabinets.
⦁ Remove all doors and repair small damages, such as dents and scratches.
⦁ Clean all surfaces with TSP cleaner to remove any grease and dirt.
⦁ Protect your countertops, appliances, floors and other areas
⦁ Clean all surfaces with a vacuum and a tack cloth to remove all dust from sanding cabinets.
⦁ Prime cabinets with Oil Based Primer, followed by a light sand.
⦁ Paint cabinets with 2 coats of Lacquer Oil Based Paint.

Your cabinets will have a very smooth glossy finish once we are done painting them. You have the option to choose the shine of cabinets.

⦁ Low Shine
⦁ Satin
⦁ Semi-gloss
⦁ Gloss

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